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The knife-o-pedia - all you ever wanted to know about kitchen knives

In the past two decades, the awareness about the benefits of a sharp knife has reached all corners of the globe, with users starting to appreciate how a sharp knife turns a previously tedious kitchen task into something enjoyable. The knifeopedia

For professional chefs, the knife always was the most important and most personal tool in the kitchen. To them, having sharp knives and keeping them sharp is not only a matter of productivity, but of essence for preparing good food. This is even more so in Japanese cuisine, where many dishes are eaten raw, so that cutting equals cooking, and where precision cuts are needed for the perfect presentation of food that is an important feature of the cuisine.


So today in professional and home kitchens alike, knives are getting the appreciation they deserve and are in fashion. As a result of a much increased demand, there is an abundance of choice, with new brands entering the market almost daily. In this jungle of offerings, the question is how to pick a good knife and spot the good values. The bad news is that it's not that easy, as knives are more complex a product than it seems, and very little of what makes a knife good is actually visible.


Hence the first objective of this website is to shed light on the question of how a good knife should look like, by making people “understand” knives and allowing them to make informed purchase decisions.


The other objective is to ensure that people enjoy using their knives. The key element in this is keeping them sharp, but also maintaining and storing them properly. So knife sharpening and knife accessories are also covered in different chapters on this site.

We hope you will enjoy our knife-o-pedia!

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