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Fit & Finish

The final element that defines the quality of a knife is the Fit & Finish, which includes the built quality and workmanship.


No gaps or burrs

The knife should be free from gaps between the different parts of the knife, where moisture or dirt could come in. The handle should be flush with rivets/tang/caps or decorative elements, without burrs or sharp corners.


No scratches

The entire knife should generally be free from scratches in new condition, although scratches can later hardly be avoided in daily kitchen use.


Smooth finish

Both blade and handle should have a smooth finish, if not mirror, then a fine matte finish, without visible grinding marks.


Rounded corners

All corners of blade, bolster and handle should be rounded, for a comfortable pinch grip even in long prep sessions in professional kitchens.


Straight blade

When viewed from the butt of the knife, the edge and the spine should be aligned with the handle.


Perfect grind

The blade should have a flawless grind, where no irregularities can be seen when holding the blade in different angles to the light. The bevel of the cutting edge should show a straight line. 

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